Delivering competitive renewable energy

Scatec Solar has established a track record for delivering predictable and affordable supply of solar electricity. During 2015, we increased our total installed capacity of power producing solar plants from 219 MW to 383 MW, an increase of close to 75%. The Agua Fria (60 MW) plant in Honduras was grid connected in the third quarter. The commissioning of this project was a milestone for the company, representing our debut into the Latin American solar market.

The Red Hills plant (104 MW) in Parowan, Utah, United States was grid connected in December. Constructed in less than a year, this is Utah's first utility-scale solar plant. It will more than double the state’s solar footprint. 

Delivering competitive renewable energy

During 2015, we also started construction of three solar power plants in Jordan with a total capacity of 43 MW. The Oryx, EJRE and GLAE projects are scheduled for completion during the first half of 2016. Annual production from these three plants is estimated to be 104,000 MWh, generating revenues of about USD 17 million per year. The electricity produced will be sold under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO). All plants are located in the area near Ma'an City in southern Jordan.

At year-end, Scatec Solar was producing electricity from ten solar power plants. The total production in 2015 reached 466 GWh, up from 274 GWh in 2014. 

Delivering competitive renewable energy 2