Scatec Solar Innovation Challenge 2017

Do you have an idea that can help create better, cheaper and easier solar energy solutions? Then you should look into Scatec Solar Innovation Challenge.

In collaboration with Norwegian Energy Partners, Solenergiklyngen, Innovation Norway and Multiconsult, Scatec Solar is working to develop a new innovation initiative with the goal of creating an arena to identify, discuss and develop concrete ideas together. We now encourage companies and individuals to share innovative solutions and ideas that can be developed in collaboration.

Those behind the most interesting ideas and input will be invited to discuss this further in a meeting on September 29, 2017. At this event, Scatec Solar will also present some of its challenges. SINTEF, IFE and Innovation Norway will also address opportunities for the solar industry and financing solutions for new products and services.

Innovation lift for solar energy

Scatec Solar is an independent Norwegian developer, owner and operator of solar plants. We are headquartered in Oslo and operate a global business.

As a developer and buyer of solar energy equipment and services, Scatec Solar sees many exciting opportunities. Now the challenge is for the Norwegian supplier industry to help develop new innovative solutions for the solar industry.

From the company’s perspective, Scatec Solar is particularly concerned with operation and maintenance, as well as system solutions related to solar power generation.

The final deadline for ideas, solutions or proposals is August 30, 2017. Get more information on the challenge and delivery requirements (in Norwegian) here.