About the project

The Oryx 1 Photovoltaic Solar Project is the first megawatt scale Renewable Energy Project that has been granted permission by the Jordanian Authorities and to be built under the Jordanian Renewable Energy Program. Again, a great achievement and success for Scatec Solar working together with Jordanian partners and driving results.

Oryx 1 is a 10MW photovoltaic solar project situated west of the city of Ma’an, 225 Km south of the capital city of Amman. The power plant was developed by Scatec Solar and assisted by the local partner Quest energy Investments, QEI.

The project will be built on an area of approximately 36 hectares, which is roughly about 67 football fields. The construction duration for this power plant is scheduled for 9 months and intends to empower the local community of Ma’an by providing labour opportunities for skilled and semi-skilled personnel from the region. Upon completion of the project, the power plant will produce electricity in excess of 24 million kWh annually and will be connected to an existing substation that is controlled by state utility – NEPCO. The power produced from this plant will serve the annual electricity needs for about 5000 local households. Harvesting solar power through this plant represents CO2 abatements of about 16,000 tons per year.

The technology used to build and operate this power facility is state of the art and therefore the construction phase will not only empower locals with jobs but also empower them with the necessary skills to go forward and implement in other projects after the completion of this one.

Ultimately, the completion of this project and other renewable energy projects will allow Jordan to become much more independent in terms of power generation by allowing the country to harness the abundant and available resource and to produce and utilize solar power.

Please see below for further information about the project both in English and Arabic.

Relevant documents

Grievance form (English)
Grievence form (Arabic)