With limited power generation capacity, the Rwanda Government has introduced an ambitious plan to give 50 percent of the population access to electricity, and lift total installed capacity from 110 MW to 560 MW by 2017.  Renewable energy is expected to be important in realizing this ambition.

Market approach

Scatec Solar was introduced to the first large scale solar project in Rwanda through its partner Norfund in 2013. The 8.5 MW project was brought to financial close in a few months and the plant started operation in July 2014.

More about this market

While the current market is small, Rwanda is a country that is showing strong economic growth as they continue to focus on ease of doing business to attract foreign investment. This creates a need to add significant generation capacity, reflected by the goal of adding more than 400 MW over the next years.  Solar power is attractive as Rwanda relies heavily on diesel generation, which is considerably more expensive than the cost of solar.