South Africa

In South Africa the 'IPP Procurement Programme' was established in 2011, with a target of installing 3.7 GW of renewable energy generation capacity over the next few years.

Market approach

Scatec Solar was an early mover and entered the South African market in 2010. We have been awarded three solar plant projects with a total capacity of 190 MW under the REIPPP program that are now in operation.  In April 2015 Scatec Solar was awarded additional 258 MW under the REIPPP program to be realized in 2017.  Scatec Solar will operate the solar plants for at least 20 years.  

More about this market

South Africa has experienced electricity shortages for years. With coal as the primary electricity source historically, the country has set out a ambition target where the majority of new power generation capacity come from renewables and nuclear.  The renewable energy program launched in 2011 has accelerated the developmant of renewables and the government is emphasing that construction of the solar power plants shall be done using local labor and professionals.