Delivering competitive renewable energy

Scatec Solar has established a track record for delivering predictable and affordable supply of solar electricity. During 2016, three new solar plants were constructed in Jordan, bringing the company’s total portfolio in the country to 43 MW. Built under the new Jordanian Renewable Energy Programme, all three solar plants are located close to the city of Ma’an, about 230 km south of the capital city Amman.

The three solar plants in Jordan will generate over 100 million kWh of electricity annually to serve the needs of about 20,000 households. All three solar plants are connected to substations built and controlled by the Jordanian state utility NEPCO, with whom Scatec Solar has signed 20-year Power Purchase Agreements.

At year-end, Scatec Solar was producing electricity from twelve solar power plants. The total production in 2016 reached 791 GWh, up from 466 GWh in 2015. The production performance (plant uptime) of our power-producing assets across the portfolio has been above 99%.

Delivering competitive renewable energy 2